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Post by Mia Ostergard on Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:23 pm

Valkyrie Storyline
The Valkyries are an old Order of Guardians, protectors of Eorzea who have several divisions to keep the world safe. They run much like a Grand Company and is militaristic in nature, but offers certain divisions such as trade and commerce for characters that do not engage in combat.

Valkyrie Divisions include and are certainly not limited to: Supernatural Division, Guardian/Bodyguard Division, Commerce/Trade Division, Reconnaissance Division, etc.
Note: The Divisions are there to be able to include people of all different backgrounds, if a Division doesn't exist to suit your character's needs, please feel free to create one!

RP Workshops
New to RP? Or need some crash courses? Please feel free to participate in any of our workshops located in RP Workshops.

RP Events
Please check out Events for regularly scheduled Ultros events!

Valkyrie Missions
This is VERY important!!! Please check out Missions for more info!

Any of the Safehouses listed are considered RP hubs and safe havens for RPers. Please feel free to use any of them!

Have a write-up you want to share? Or would you like to share RP logs of a crazy mission? Post them here Stories.

Looking for...
If you are looking for something in particular whether it be more people for dungeons, raids, crafting, and even RP, post it here in Looking for...

Mission Ranks/Difficulty
S-Rank = Most difficult and Challenging
A-Rank = Difficult
B-Rank = Slightly challenging
C-Rank = Easy

Member Ranks - Are purely for RP Purposes only

Merciful Dictator - GM
Shadow Council - Officer
Councilor - Sub-Officer
Airship Captain - Sub-Officer of FC Workshop
Wing Commander - Highest RP Rank, able to do all missions
Valkyrie Captain - Seasoned RP Rank, able to do all missions including S-Rank
Valkyrie Lieutenant - Seasoned RP Rank, able to do up to A-Rank missions
Valkyrie Major - RP member Rank, able to do up to B-Rank missions
Valkyrie Initiate - Starting member, able to do only C-Rank missions

**Please note that Valkyrie ranks are available to everyone and are not FC exclusive
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