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Guild and Forum Rules Empty Guild and Forum Rules

Post by Silucia on Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:00 pm

Guild and Forum Rules
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1.) Keep the drama in RP! If you cause problems within the guild you will be removed and banned! We have a no tolerance policy on this!
2.) Remember that your DM's pay a subscription to have fun as well, and please keep in mind that the services that they offer they offer freely and on their own time. Please be respectful of the time you use and the way in which you approach your DM's.
3.) Do not post NSFW Images on this site. We do have people who check the forums while they are at work, and we want them to continue to be able to do so. (If NSFW images are found on this site, ForumMotion - our host site - will shut us down permanently as well. DO NOT POST THEM.)
4.) If you are posting stories that have M+ content in them, please post a rating and any trigger warnings. (Please put all stories written into a google docs document, and post the LINK, not the story itself.) If you read a story that has trigger warnings and a rating, we are not responsible for the offense generated.
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