Welcome to the Valkyries!

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Welcome to the Valkyries! Empty Welcome to the Valkyries!

Post by Mia Ostergard on Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:28 pm

Somewhere, somehow, a particular white envelope bearing the insignia of the Valkyries has found its way to you. Enclosed in the envelope you find the following letter:
Welcome to the Valkyries! HjqL8Vf

Prime Mission Statement: To create a strong and thriving RP community on Ultros
LS Mission Statement: To create a close-knit quality RP family
FC Recruitment Status: Exclusive
LS Recruitment Status: Open to all RPers

Please note that you do not have to be in the FC to participate in Valkyrie RP and events.

Message: Hello and welcome friend! We are excited that you could join us on this crazy journey. Let us embark in a world that we will continue to twist, weave, and shape together. We specialize in the RP experience and building a safe and welcoming community for the Ultros RPers. Our FC backstory has the structure of a Grand Company and is militaristic in nature, but is intentionally left open and vague to include divisions such as commerce and reconnaissance for characters that do not engage in combat. We hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to getting to know you! Welcome to the VLK family!
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